What Is CCNP Security? Scope, Salary & Training Of CCNP Security Certification

The developing countries have great demand for the certified CCNP professionals and generally, the CCNP Security certification institutes offer good jobs to all their successful pass-outs.

There is a huge scope of getting jobs in reputed IT companies all over the world, after the completion of a CCNP Security certification course.

The newcomers in the field of Cisco networking security are given a certified training, which is termed as Cisco Certified Network Professional Security, or in short CCNP Security certification program. This training program is specially designed for training these fresher IT professionals, as the Cisco network security engineers, who will be in charge of providing security to all the networking instruments and software, like the switches and problematic Firewalls and other networking issues.

The benefits of undergoing the CCNP Security Certification program

  • Training module of CCNP security – This certification course is mainly meant for those IT guys, who have good ideas about networking security. This training program mainly deals with the identification of troubles and the application of the security measures in Route and Switches of the Cisco network. Moreover, there is a special chapter for teaching how to troubleshoot all kinds of networks, including both general and Cisco networking. These students are also imparted the detailed knowledge about the Routing and Switching mechanisms; along with the fundamental information on WAN and IPV6 mechanizations.
  • Different types of CCNP security training – Apart from the basic CCNP security training program, there are few more certification courses on this subject of networking security, which differ from each other on the basis of the topics covered on Cisco security. CCNP R&S, CCNP Wireless, CCNP Voice, CCNP Service Provider and CCDP are some of the other forms of CCNP certification courses.
  • Scope of bagging good jobs for CCNP professionals – Though this branch of IT is quite old now, the number of certified professionals in this field is still very limited.
  • The expected salary for a certified CCNP professional – The experienced CCNP security professionals are given a very high range of salaries in any IT company of the world. But even the fresher pass-out of this field is offered a quite large amount of salary, which is unimaginable in any other field.
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